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As an independent Medicare broker, I have found the most affordable and best insurers in Colorado, and sell plans only from the companies that benefit my clients the most. You will certainly save money by using my services, and you will understand Medicare better.

What you should know about using my help:

  1. It's always completely free to you. My services never come with any fee or obligation of any kind. When you choose Medicare coverage, the insurer pays my expenses through commissions.
  2. I am an independent broker. I don't work for an insurance company, or for anyone else—my only responsibility is to find you the plan that best suits your needs and budget.
  3. I am an expert in Colorado healthcare. A Colorado native and lifelong resident, I worked in my husband's medical office for 22 years before becoming a Medicare broker. I understand our healthcare system inside and out, and I can definitely save you money and headaches navigating it.

Find the best rates in Colorado:

I've written out a list of the best Colorado Medicare supplement rates for men and women by area code. These are the best rates you will find. I sell all these plans and would be happy to help you with them.

How to contact me:

Please call me at (970) 482-3966 to discuss your Medicare needs. I'm also available by email.

Let me help you find the best Medicare Supplement rates, find the best Part D plan for your medications, or help you compare Medicare Advantage plans in your county. Call me today for free help choosing the best coverage for you!

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